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CGS Publishes the World's First Digital Power Grid White Paper

中国电力网发布时间:2020-12-09 09:02:17

Shenzhen - On November 13, the 17th China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum & the Release Ceremony of Digital Power Grid White Paper was held here at the Shenzhen Vanke (Qianhai) International Convention Center.

The Forum was attended by a wide variety of executives, experts, and enterprise representatives from numerous government agencies, industry associations, research institutions and well-known enterprises, including relevant ministries such as the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Electricity Council, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, State Grid, Huawei, Baidu and Tencent.

The combined group of executives held in-depth discussions with CSG senior managers on the theme “Joining Hands in Building the Digital Power Grid and Sharing the Smart Energy”.

During the Forum, CSG published the world's first Digital Power Grid White Paper.

China Southern Power Grid senior managers have been diligent in establishing a basic platform system including both the CSG Cloud Platform and an IoT market-leading platforms with a capacity for accessing tens of millions of intelligent terminals and have fostered a market-driven, unified power grid data model and the first digital twin transformer substation.

CSG's wide application of artificial intelligence has enabled the Company to provide 24-hour online services for many of its business and leisure customers.

It has been connected to Guangdong Government Services Platform, "Yue Sheng Shi" WeChat mini program, and "Yue Shang Tong" app and issued the nation's first electricity invoice in Shenzhen.

Various innovative applications and services in the digital grid continue to emerge. Numerous digital grid outcomes and innovative projects were unveiled in the Forum, including Dayingshan twin transformer substation, Online Client Service Platform, 5G smart sharing power distribution rooms, and the AI application ecological platform of Southern Regional Electricity Market.

China Southern Power Grid operates the world's most complex AC / DC interconnected power grid. The white paper highlights that an intelligent digital power grid can “empower the operation of the power grid by ensuring safer and steadier power operation and improving the operation competence of a complicated overall power grid. As a result, not only the power grid but the entire operation and production process is digitalized”.

The white paper outlines that the digital grid, with its openness and multi-faceted cooperation, can expand the power data market with upstream and downstream enterprises through opening-up, integrating digital energy data resources in upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, thus realizing the open, innovative and mutually beneficial development for all stakeholders in energy ecosystem.

The authors of the white paper suggest that the application of a digital power grid can foster a novel digital one-stop service platform, thus involving diverse participants and providing more flexible, effective, and customized inclusive services and also illustrates that the digital power grid serves as an important foundation for global power interconnectivity. It can improve the standardization and cooperation of the digital power grid globally, which helps power grid connectivity between countries and regions and improves regional energy cooperation for win-win results.

The white paper concludes that the digital power grid collects mass data on power operation and consumption behavior from power production to power consumption.

After data masking, these data, together with government data, economic data, and business data can generate greater value and contribute to the digital ecosystem and digital economy.

Energy data can exert greater impacts on city administration, policy formulation and macro-economy by connecting the digital power grid and the smart city.

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